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About game:

Welcome to Tank Trouble, a quality game developed by Danish Mads Purup. This is a Shooter game with exciting tank elements. In this game, of course you will control a tank and you will fight with other tanks. Your opponent will be a tank or even three tanks in the same map!

The game gives you three exciting modes: Laika Mode, 2 Players, and 3 Players. In Laika mode, you fight a dog named Laika. Laika is an AI but it is extremely intelligent. It moves skillfully and will annoy you. The remaining two modes, you can use to practice or compete with your friends on a computer. It will be interesting in 3 Players mode. In the game, you appear in a simple maze. You have to fire bullets at the enemy, even if the bullet can bounce off when it touches the walls of the maze!

Be careful because your bullet can destroy you! Your bullet will change direction when it touches a wall. It will take a long time for the bullet to disappear in the air. So you need to move constantly to dodge these bullets. With simple graphics and interesting sounds, Tank Trouble will bring you laughter to relieve stress after a long day. Have fun!

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How to play:

P1: ESDF for the tank’s moving and Q button to shoot.

P2: Arrow keys for the tank’s moving and M button to shoot.

P3: Mouse to move and left click to shoot.

Tips and tricks:

Collect power-ups that appear randomly in the maze, that's your advantage.

Do not shoot in a narrow space because you can kill yourself!

Tank Trouble Walkthrough

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