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About game:

If you're looking for a quality Shooter game, try Strike Force Heroes by Justin Goncalves and Mike Sleva. In this game, you control a soldier. Unlike other games, you can customize your character to create a special soldier. Besides, you can choose the weapon you want before jumping into a fierce battlefield!

Strike Force Heroes offers 4 different characters: Tank, Assassin, Commando and Medic. Each character has different skills and stats. Control them all to find a soldier that suits you. On Strike Force Heroes battlefield, you must fight against hundreds of enemies with modern armed. If you're a beginner, try Campaign mode. And once you become a pro gamer, kill all enemies in Challenge mode.

In the Campaign, you have many quests from easy to difficult, and you have to complete them all. Through these missions, you will know the storyline of the game. Besides Campaign and Challenge, you can join Quich Matches. These can be fun battles with other online players.

Note that there are portals in each map. These are locations where power-ups will appear. It could be a strong weapon either a health pot or something else. Please move near the area of these portals to collect power-ups as soon as you can! Have fun!

Strike Force Heroes Unblocked:

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How to play:

Left click to attack!

AWSD or arrow keys to move the soldier!

Tips and tricks:

Enter Campaign mode and test all the characters in the game to know them well!

Move near places where power-ups will appear and grab them as soon as you can!

Strike Force Heroes Walkthrough

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