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About game:

Rogue Soul 2 was developed by SOULlGAME and released by Not Doppler as one of the most interesting platform distance games. In this second part, you continue to control the skeleton rogue guy that runs continuously. You must help him dodge obstacles along the way, including defeating armed enemies, and you must help him run to the destination safely!

The game has many levels and in each level your rogue must complete the assigned challenges. You will have to jump on the mushrooms, or you will have to kick the enemy to defeat him, or you have to save the innocent people, or you have to collect the flowers ... If you run to the destination but still haven't completed some tasks, you'll only get a few stars.

Pay attention to your rogue's speed and his distance with the nearest obstacle. Every time you slide or jump, you need to timing accurately to overcome obstacles safely!

The developer has added some new items to the game as well as the rogue's special skills. In the Shop there will be items that you will need in completing the assigned tasks. Use your reflexes to take down 16 bad guys and complete the game with the highest achievements. Have fun!

Rogue Soul 2 Unblocked:

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How to play:

Press WASD keys to move the rogue.

Press theK key to slide.

Press the J key to throw the daggers.

Tips and tricks:

Collect gold bags on the go to buy items in the Store.

Complete all assigned missions to get all the honor stars!

Rogue Soul 2 Walkthrough

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