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About game:

Fleeing The Complex from developer Puffballs United is one of the most interesting Puzzle games on this site. In this game, your mission is to help Henry escape from the building where he is stuck. Henry wakes up and realizes that he is in a room with thugs around, and everything is dangerous!

After Henry was taken to a room for crime, your game started. There will be questions and below it are the answers. Note that every answer will bring Henry to different game results. Try to think carefully before you give your answer. Help Henry escape this difficult situation by making wise decisions.

Pay attention to the words of the old criminal because these are valuable suggestions that the game gives you. And if you don't have any answers, just choose the answer you want. It may be a failure but you need to remember it to not make a second mistake!

Fleeing The Complex helps you have a good time playing games. It helps you improve your reasoning ability through playing a simple game. Have a nice day!

Fleeing The Complex Unblocked:

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How to play:

Use your mouse and click on the answers you think are right!

Tips and tricks:

Pay attention to the things on the game screen, maybe you will see some hidden suggestions.

Remember the wrong answers so as not to make mistakes in later times!

Fleeing the Complex Walkthrough

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