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About game:

Are you looking for a game with interesting gameplay, but it must be fun? Come with Cube Field developed by YoArcade. This is a Skill & Platform game with simple graphics. In this game, you have a simple task: move your character to dodge the walls that are approaching you. Be careful because Cube Field is not as easy as you think. The walls will not move slowly and you must make the right decisions to overcome them!

Every time a wall appears, you must pay attention to their shape. If you make a mistake even small, you will lose immediately. The speed of the walls will be a great pressure for you. However, if you overcome a challenge, you will be rewarded. I have played Cube Field hundreds of times and I really like it because it helps me relieve stress!

Note that controlling your triangular spacecraft is not easy. You need to get used to its movement. When you are at high speed, you should move in the middle of the screen to avoid an obstacle in the most comfortable way!

Cube Field helps you train your reflex skills. By controlling the small triangular spacecraft, you have to fly skillfully to cross the walls. Please turn on the sound when playing this game, it will help you feel the game more interesting. Have fun!

Cube Field Unblocked:

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How to play:

Press the left and right arrow keys to control your triangular spacecraft.

Tips and tricks:

Look forward to identify obstacles near you.

Fly in the middle of the screen to be able to dodge obstacles more easily!

Cube Field Walkthrough

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